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Wire EDM

Wire EDM (electric discharge machining) is a method of high precision machining for cutting almost any electrically conductive material.  A constant flow of electrically charged wire (.004" -.012" diameter) held between upper and lower mechanical guides create one electrode, while the material being cut forms the second electrode.  An electrical discharge between the wire and the work piece create precisely controlled sparks that erode away material with extreme accuracy.  The wire and work piece are both submerged in nonconductive, deionized water, which cools and flushes away eroded metal particles.  The temperature of the fluid is regulated to match the atmospheric conditions in the shop to eliminate thermal expansion that is common with traditional machining practices. This eliminates thermal movement and provides a stable environment for the close tolerances that EDM is capable of.  Since the wire never makes physical contact with the work piece, no cutting forces are involved.  This makes it possible to manufacture delicate pieces, or parts which may be challenging to hold due to their shape.  This also contributes to the fact that the hardness of the material being cut has little effect on the EDM process.  In fact, difficult to machine alloys such as Inconel and carbide are only a few of the materials that can be easily machined using wire EDM.

-  cuts any electrically conductive material (aluminum, carbide, Inconel, titanium, stainless steel, etc...)

-  submerged cutting for thermal stability

-  cuts tapers, angles, and contours with up to +/- .0001" accuracy

-  stress free cutting with no burrs

-  excellent finishes (up to 10 - 15  Ra possible)